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No Sound?
      If you know your sound system is working, but clicking on one of the speaker buttons on our Quiz page doesn't produce sound, you may need to enable Java if its disabled, or install it if it isn't installed. See instructions below for checking to see if Java is disabled and enabling it if it is. Or you can proceed to install the latest Sun Java Runtime Environment from the Sun Java website. The installation is usually quick and usually fixes the problem.

System Requirements
      On Windows machines, both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer should work just fine. In brief tests on Macs, Safari worked but Firefox ran into problems on the quiz page. We are working on resolving these issues, of course, but in the meantime we suggest that Mac users use Safari. Our pages have not been tested on other platforms or browsers, and we would appreciate input on what works and what doesn't.
      Our quiz page uses JavaScript to call Java applets, so you must have both Java and JavaScript (or scripting) enabled for them to work properly (JavaScript is NOT the same as Java). If you don't have Java at all, you can download it at the Sun Java website. You're machine will need sound capability - speakers or headsets. Teachers or administrators who wish to record word sounds for their own lessons will also need a microphone.

Enabling Java and JavaScript
For more information on enabling Java, try this article on Sun's site. For information on enabling JavaScript, try Google's AdSense Help Center.

Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks
      The quiz page has been designed for your ease-of-use, so that you don't have to constantly move your hands from mouse to keyboard and back. You must place the cursor on the first input box to hear the sound, but after that you can press the tab key a few times to move on to the next word. If the word is ambiguous ("caught" versus "cot", for example), pressing Shift+Tab should send you back one space to the wider speaker button. Hit enter to hear the computer give a clarifying phrase or sentence, if one exists. Of course, if you wish to jump around on the page you can always place the cursor in other text input boxes, or click on the speaker button to hear the word again.

Still Having Trouble? Contact Us!
      You can call John Tanner's cell phone at (626) 484-8636 at any time. If you can be sitting in front of your computer when you call, we have a good chance of quickly resolving problems.

Tanner Learning is a division of Tanner Research, located in Monrovia. You can also send us snail mail, addressed as follows:
            Attn: Tanner-Learning Administrators
            Tanner Research
            825 South Myrtle Avenue
            Monrovia, CA 91016