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        Welcome to the Tanner Learning homepage. Tanner Learning is dedicated to helping schools and parents teach students in a fun and engaging manner. On this site you will find our free spelling tutor service, TLSpell. Students can take an online interactive spelling quiz in which the computer speaks each word aloud. After the student types each word, the computer will then inform him/her if he/she has spelled the word correctly. To see a sample lesson and take the quiz for that lesson click on Sample Lesson in the menubar above. Or, to learn more about the spelling quiz and this site or to contact us, take a look at the Help Page. Enjoy!

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        Thank you for your time and patience as we continue to improve the site. If you have any problems, questions, or suggestions for improving the web site, please contact 6th grade teacher Joe Jordan or call John Tanner at (626) 471-9720.